codeHive alumni raise $21K to support upcoming cohorts

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There are two qualities we admire most about our alumni community; their immense capacity for community building and their generosity. By giving to AkiraChix, they are contributing to the many efforts that make the campus a special place for the many young women who join the codeHive program.

It began with small steps, but every year, as their earning increases, so does their contribution. We always keep an eye on our alumni and there have been countless impactful and inspiring moments, but we wanted to come back to this amazing success story.

The alumni community ( codeHiveX) raised $21,000 to purchase and install a backup generator. This significant boost means that students do not have to lose out on the day’s lessons and activities whenever a power-cut occurs. We applaud this kind of thoughtfulness and sisterhood of the codeHive community.

Juliet Gisemba, from the class of 2021 says ”Kindness is free but worth so much more. I love that codeHiveX puts me in a position to give back. It’s such a joy to see the young women who join the program benefit from my contribution.”

Giving is like throwing a pebble in a pond. It makes a big splash where it lands and then large ripples form. The effect of paying forward is similar to this: We’ve witnessed the broader effects of supporting a young person’s education. Though it may not be tangible at first glance, it has long-term value and far-reaching effects.

We’ve also observed this kindness being paid forward in different ways. Some alumni became training assistants and through this, pass down the knowledge and skills they gained to the younger students. Paying forward the opportunity to transform the lives of young women by giving the gift of code.

AkiraChix has impacted the lives of over 300 women and girls from marginalized and low-income areas. These young women go on to not only change their lives but also their families. It is estimated that for every codeHive graduate at least 5 family members are impacted. This has allowed us to expand our mission and its positive impact, and contribute to the common good in uncommon ways.

Before you go, visit our website to find out how we are giving young women the opportunities to explore careers in tech and how you can be part of the change too.

“When we invest in women, we invest in the people who invest in everyone else. So when we match their commitment with our own, great things are possible.” — Melinda Gates.