The codeHive Program

How it all started...

In 2010, a group of Kenyan female software engineers passionate about changing the landscape of the technology field, came together and created a community. The community supported, connected and inspired women in the tech space. It steadily morphed into a training program for girls and young women. Through a generous donation from Craft Silicon, a Kenyan fintech firm, the team received a bus with computers and drove it across Nairobi’s informal settlements to give girls a chance to learn more about tech. It was fascinating to see girls who never had access to a computer at home graduate from novice to programming whizzes. It showed us that it was possible to make a difference. This was the birth of AkiraChix and the core program, codeHive.

codeHive graduated from the bus and moved into an office space which allowed us to accommodate girls and young women from across the peri-urban and rural areas of Kenya. Each year for 9 months they would learn programming, graphic design and acquire soft skills and mentorship to become better versions of themselves and support systems to each other. It was the birth of a sisterhood fuelled by heart and driven by brains. In 2019, we moved into the AkiraChix campus where we provide the girls with housing, food, shelter and medicare, pulling them away from any distractions at home which normally impedes their growth and learning. There are no doubts in our hearts that it is possible to see more women in tech who can bridge the gender divide in this field. An investment in these girls and young women opens up a whole world of possibilities for themselves and others. That’s the AkiraChix way; She builds, She serves and She leads.



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Karen Nairobi, Kenya