On 3rd December 2012, AkiraChix opened its doors to young girls between the ages of 14 and 18 for a two week intensive design bootcamp, led by an amazing designer and teacher, Nyandia Kamawe, flanked by some students of the AkiraChix training program, namely Diana Andai, Monica Nyambura, Eunice Katunge, Margaret Wakaba and Mercy Agosa.

Nyandia in class

Design students at the *iHub

Some of these girls had no idea how to use a computer on the first day, some were not sure they wanted to go through the full course as it would be taking them away from preparing for an upcoming exam year, and other simply had no idea what to expect of the training. The story on 14th December was quite different. The students were able to put together design layouts for print and publication.

Some design layouts from the girls

Purity Luseka said she had never worked on a laptop before the class, and was proud to have been able to create a design layout at the end of the two weeks.

Purity showing off her designs to her mother and Linda

“The class was challenging, but very interesting” – Yvette Mbago

Yvette Mbago

“It’s been wonderful, I don’t even have words to explain. I have learned so much. When people call me to ask what I’ve been doing after school, and I tell them I’m doing graphic design, they think I’m so cool! My dad doesn’t believe I’m doing such things. I’m very happy and I know I’m going to continue with what I’ve been doing” – Esther Mariachana

“When I first heard that we were coming for two weeks, seeing as I’m going to form 4, it felt like two weeks of my holiday would be too much. I was surprised when my parents pushed me to go for it. What I have learned from here is something that I will never forget. I thank my mum for making that decision for me and pushing me to come. I wouldn’t have known how to use inDesign if it wasn’t for this class. It’s been an eye opening experience.” – Joy Muli

Jennifer Kinoti’s mother, who attended an open day showcasing the girls’ design layouts on the 14th, was impressed by her daughter’s work. She said she didn’t know that her daughter had that much creativity in her, and would definitely look forward to exploring Jennifer’s talent beyond the training.

Jennifer with her mother

For Diana Andai and the rest of the AkiraChix training program students who were helping out over the two weeks, it was a learning experience, and an opportunity to practice some of the concepts they have been taught in class over the past few months and build their confidence in sharing their knowledge.

Diana talking to one of the students' parent

The course, which explored various means of indicating visual elements in page design entailed introduction to elements and principles of Graphic design, exploration of various means of indicating visual elements in page design and effective integration of photographs, illustrations, and type, developed using page composition software

Proud student

A big thank you goes out to Nyandia, who’s dedication to the AkiraChix training program and this design bootcamp has been outstanding. Words cannot fully express our gratitude.
This design bootcamp is one of many more to come, as AkiraChix embarks on expanding its high school outreach program. If you’re interested in getting AkiraChix to your high school, send an email to info@akirachix.com

Happy Students

View photos from the bootcamp on our facebook page or our google plus page.

Happy Holidays!!