This post is written by Willow and Javier of Aspiration,the US-based NGO behind Social.

Thanks to the hospitality of AkiraChix, we are bringing Weaponized Social to Nairobi on May 2 We hope to have conversations about online interactions digital conflict resolution, and the weaponization of the internet. “Weaponized?! But the internet is amazing!” you might say, and we agree. We also find that politeness and the de-escalation tactics we take for granted offline don’t always carry over into the digital realm.

What DOES flow from the digital realm are the harms of online conflict, spilling over into real-life situations because of the network effect. This is “Weaponized Social it results in acts such as leaking private data, tracking IPs and having one’s homeattacked, and in even more extreme cases, threats to one’s life.

We invite you to discuss ways that we can de-escalate conflict and create safe spaces online. Weaponized Social Nairobi is happening on Saturday, May 2. Registration is open to anyone who is passionate about growing a healthier online ecosystem.

Understanding that change starts with the self and radiates outwards, we will strive to create safe space to have conversations with one another. With the consent of participants, we will amplify our voices by sharing the event’s outcomes online. We hope to make resources like community guidebooks, checklists, and inspire new ways of dealing with online conflict. We will be documenting resources and notes in an open Wiki.

We had the first Weaponized Social event in New York City in February. This will be the first #WeapSoc outside of the United States, and we hope that participants from Nairobi share their experiences and perspectives from their own offline context.

Together, we hope to imagine ways to de-Weaponize the web and world we love so much.

The event is organized and facilitated by @willowbl00 of Aspiration. Many thanks to AkiraChix for hosting!


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