On April 24th, six years ago, AkiraChix was born! A Few young ladies who shared a common vision and passion for women and technology came together and AkiraChix was born.

We are thrilled with our progress to date, and every day it feels like we have more and more opportunities to create the future of women and technology in Kenya.

The efforts of our talented team, along with the support of our enthusiastic partners and donors, as well as our dedicated volunteers have made AkiraChix what it is today.

As we celebrate our 6th birthday, let’s wind back the clock and reflect on our remarkable evolution as we honour this milestone.

Everyday, for the next 6, we will share with you a recap of each year we have been in existence through an interactive infographic for each year.

AkiraChix 2010 timeline

In continuation with our birthday celebration, here is a glimpse of 2011

AkiraChix 2011 timeline

AkiraChix wins Google RISE Award towards supporting training program this and more in 2012

AkiraChix 2012 timeline

AkiraChix 2013 timeline

AkiraChix 2014 timeline

AkiraChix 2015 timeline

AkiraChix 2016 timeline


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