highschool-outreachAkiraChix runs a technical training program that targets young women from poor social and economic backgrounds in Nairobi. This training program is the first of its kind not only in Kenya, but also in Africa, as it is the only technical based program targeting women only.

Every year, AkiraChix takes 30 bright and promising young women from low income areas, and takes them through a one year intensive course on programming, design and entrepreneurship, with the objective to equip these young women with knowledge that will give them the opportunity to find financial independence and escape from the endemic trap of poverty and lack of education.

At the end of every school term within the program, students get placements in different organisations for community service and internship. These girls also get access to women in the tech industry who mentor them throughout the duration of the course.

We have developed a solid curriculum that is executed by a team of dedicated trainers from the technology industry, who not only provide these girls with the technical skills they need, but also mentor them to become leaders in their own front.

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A day at Akirachix Training Program

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