We are so proud of our #codeHive19 students for being part of the first phase of the Google Africa Certification Scholarship program supported by the Andela Learning Community in conjunction with Pluralsight. Dyreen Daisy, Joy Muthoni, Charity Wanjiru, Zakia Mustafa, Asha Abdulrashid, Felister Chesang, Edith Jepleting, Penninah Nganga. These students are to attended the ALC meeting on 29th June 2019 at the Andela Academy along Thika road.

We have feedback from 3 students on their experience at this event.

Joy Wahome

If I was to sum up the whole experience in one word, that word would be bliss. 1200 people showed up for the event but even in the midst of so many people, they managed to make each one of us feel like we belonged to a community. By the time I was leaving the premise, I felt as powerful as ever, armed with knowledge, ready to begin a new chapter in my life. The one thing that really stood out though, was the ratio of men to women. Men outnumbered the ladies but this did even more for me as the importance of institutions like AkiraChix came out stronger than ever.

Dyreen Nyaboke
The 1st ALC 4.0 meetup started on a high note. Lots of fun and games for the first session where we got to mingle but the ration imbalance of ladies and gents was not one to be ignored. This vivid showed how the number of ladies in the tech ecosystem needs to be increase. This should not just be for meetups but also in the work place. All in all, the event was nothing shy of amazing having 1200 people with similar interest under one roof goes to show how powerful and important self-learning is.

Charity Kahuria

Prior to attending the ALC Meet up, I did not really understand what it meant-that there are not as many women in technology as it is men. On Saturday I finally understood what that meant because for every 4 men there was only 1 woman. In a hall filled to the brim, only 20% were women. During one of the presentations, a woman from JKUAT asked what ALC was doing to promote gender equality. The speaker responded “There is no special treatment. Equal opportunities will be given to both men and

women, so it is up to us women to do what it takes to be at the top and not to ask for rules to be bent

for us to win.”

A few lessons I learned:-

1. Learning Tech gets relatively easier with time and practice.

2. That everyone is doing the same thing, but what I do differently is what will set me apart.

3. In order to make it, I will have to work twice as hard as men.

Attending that event for me was a wake-up call, to do better and be better every day.


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