By Emily Achieng’

I want take a moment to capture and reflect on moments that so much mattered to me. Moments spent at the Akirachix. Moments that made me deeply learn about myself in a humbling way. Akirachix, a place that gave me the urge to always retain focus and never look back. A place that built my confidence in ways I never imagined. A place where I got the strength to truge on. I have a tone of admiration for the whole Akirachix Community for being extraordinary, for being incredibly inspiring, for changing lives. Having been in the training and volunteering program, the whole environment was cheerful and energetic. Every single day at Akirachix felt special. Expert advice and lavish encouragement was just unmatched.

Akirachix is not just about an opportunity to learn how to code. It is about personal development, growth, being productive and sharing. Because learning is about giving. Learning is about offering personal confidence to others. Learning is about making others find their true independence. Akirachix gives this all round learning. It is one of the best places one can get in touch with self. It also makes one build great relationships that dig deep for inner energy and imagination. It is where one can start dreaming. Then make self-discovery a thing. It is the best place to spend time while young and energetic.

It is also emboldened by so many amazing tech companies that surround it. The whole atmosphere strives a driven vision. I do believe anyone can code when they want to. But there is a line that separates those who do it because they have to and those who enjoy it. Takes a submergence and persistence. Akirachix is the best place to dream however conflicted your thoughts are, and unsure of what exactly you want in your life. It is the place that will make you learn to listen to that one voice.

The one that keeps you wishful. And I must admit that sometimes a journey of uncertainty is most beautiful path one can take. It is the only place of solace. The only place to experiment. The only place to find a new joy. The only place of discovery. It starts with surrounding ourselves with Communities that build us like Akirachix that wishful thoughts are born.


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