Every year for the last 5 years, AkiraChix has the pleasure of welcoming a group of young, hopeful, young girls from all over Kenya for our one-year training program. This program has continued to be offered at no cost to the students with classes in Web Design, Mobile application design, Graphic Design, Hardware design, Life Skills just to mention a few.

Year after year, we watch these girls gain skills and leave us to go work at various local companies. As the year comes to a close, our current class of 2016 is getting prepared to step into the world having been equipped with various technology and life skills. Having just completed their individual internships, we are confident this class like all the previous class will produce amazing talent for the job field in Kenya.

That being said, it is that time of the year where we make a call for potential candidates for the class of 2017.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining next years class please follow this link and someone will be in touch with you.

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