Guest post by Willow Brugh of Aspiration Tech.

The second main Weaponized Social event occurred in Nairobi, Kenya on May 2nd at AkiraChix. We talked moderation, digital migration of television, and trolling the trolls. One challenge I ran into was that freedom of expression is so enthusiastically valued in both the stateside and internet freedom circles I run in. But in Kenya, just as in other places, concern over hate speech inciting violence is very real. This tension is difficult to navigate both in reality, and in the microcosm of a session.

Weaponized Social Discussions

Weaponized Social Discussions

We further refined the checklist for making safe space and started two projects: Trolling the Trolls and FaceOff. Trolling the Trolls seeks to use language patterns from sock puppet accounts to find those accounts sooner, and to respond to them before they have a negative impact on the speech of marginalized individuals online. FaceOff provides space for highly visible people to interact in a nuanced way, posting back to short-form spaces, so as to ask their constituents to be better balanced. This is from the very real occurrences of politicians calling their online followers to take action (sometimes violent) in offline space.

More discussions

More discussions

Favorite suggestion from an attendee was to check out

Looking forward to Weaponized Social SF, coming up soon!

The AkiraChix team and community would like to thank Aspiration Tech for their kind donation of three laptops for our training program students. You guys rock!


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