On the morning of the second day of the random hacks of kindness, things seemed to be moving a little slow. For those who had spent the whole night coding, you could see it in their eyes, the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. That was until around 9:00 a.m. when everyone realized we just had three hours to present the final project. It was also around that time we saw the Sydney team present their project. Since Sydney is ahead of Nairobi their hackathon ended before ours. It was a sad reminder that this experience had to come to an end :-(, and that we had to complete our projects and present them before the world :-). Reality set in hard. I was part of the WAVE group and at around that time we argued, yet again, on how the database should be structured; we had the same argument the previous day. Group work is not for the faint hearted, throw in anxiety, fatigue, some code that is not working, a database structure that is not easily understood and six people who all think they can code and you have all you need for a long and winding argument.

The WAVE team consisting of  (L-R)Judith, Rose, Carol, Marie, John and George (hidden) getting some advice from John Wesonga

The last hours involved talking to the judges who were so willing to share their knowledge and also other participants who are experts in various fields. Geoffrey Mimano a developer at Datadyne helped me with my frontline SMS app, even though he was working on a different app with the Eneza group. Such was the story all round, this was because we were all working for a cause greater than any of us. And so finally after doing some firefighting and being energized by the food and drinks that were in plenty the hackathon was closed at 2:00 p.m. and it was time for the judges to deliberate on the winning applications. And the judges deliberated for more than thirty minutes, trying times for frayed nerves!

Akalamboys sampling the food

When the winners were announced, the third prize went to WAVE for an implementation inspired by the We Have We Need application (applause). The WAVE group developed the web application from scratch because the website for the original application was down during the duration of the hackathon. The website is now up :-). The second prize went to the Eneza group that developed an app that sent an SMS to the Ushahidi backend from where it automatically updated a user’s twitter and facebook account. The first prize went to Res-Q. They built a mobile app that allowed a person to send out distress messages when they are in trouble. It was inspired by the ‘I need help’ application.

Part of the Res-Q team with Billy and Emmanuel 

It must be said that all the ladies who were in attendance and participating in various capacities were all members of Akirachix. We also got one new member at the event and even more supporters.


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