By Caroline Mwende (Current AkiraChix student Class of 2016)

My name is Carol, and this is my transforming and life changing experience at Citam Kadolta camp. I received an email from my communication skills facilitator informing us we would be attending a boot camp. Trust me when I say that I freaked out, reason been am an indoor kind of person. carol-mueni-bootcamp-blog_-(1)

There is something about nature and when I talk of nature I mean an environment with nothing but trees, beautiful grass that allows you to let go of negative energy. I felt free and just let nature take its course, taking in nothing but positive energy.

carol-mueni-bootcamp-blog_-(2)Early morning Saturday 4th of June I had quiet time which allowed me to have a reflective moment. Talk of a very beautiful morning! Spending alone time to reconnect with my inner soul, listen to the trees, beautiful melody amazing breeze that feels good to the skin, I call it been kissed by nature. I learnt that there is something for everyone, we have so much abundance given to us yet we chose not to see it.


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