By Martha Saka (Current AkiraChix student Class of 2016)

Linda, AkiraChix co-founder announced earlier this semester that we would be attending a boot camp. You can imagine the anticipation and curiosity that filled our minds at the moment.martha-blog3
Having never attended a boot camp before, to us it meant probably coming up with a new program, hacking into Mpesa…just kidding 🙂

Ken, our communications facilitator briefed on the activities previously. We were required to find our way to Camp Kadolta and all we had with us was a map! The journey was long and tiresome, but the best part about it was we worked as a team.

We finally arrived and it was nothing like we had ever seen before. The environment was green, serene, the birds could be heard chirping, trees were everywhere, the breeze was soothing…it was simply amazing! The rooms were breathtaking. Wooden floor, tiled bathroom, exquisite bed and hot water under a tent, splendid right?martha-blgo

We sat down for our first session that night all smiles and we aired out our hopes and expectations from the AkiraChix experience. It was intense; we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, and we realized just how much we didn’t value each other and agreed to work on it.

Interaction summed it all as we shared meals together, had fun and games and shared our life maps. People’s stories were amazing. My key learning from boot camp was to appreciate nature.

It provided an environment for me to restructure my social, spiritual, emotional, physical, education and career life. I learned to understand my classmates, relate with them for who they are and based on what they have been through. Lastly, there is abundance everywhere. I believe there is enough for everyone and all it takes is for you to find out how you can have your own. martha-blog2

It is not every day that one gets a chance to unwind and find out who they really are. Thank you AkiraChix fraternity for that wonderful opportunity you gave us to rediscover ourselves.


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