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In our quest to broaden young minds by giving the applied technical skills over the years, one thing has become apparent to AkiraChix. We need to embed the seeds of encouragement from a very young age. This is why we begun running a kids camp targeting children between the ages of 7- 13, exposing them to different facets of technology and sparking creativity and curiosity through arts sessions, at a subsidised cost per student.

AkiraChix Robotics Bootcamp

High school bootcamps are back yet again :). Our last two bootcamps have been centered around graphic design and programming This time, AkiraChix has organised a one week intensive robotics training [...]

Kids Tech + Arts Camp

Gone are the days it was fun making your own necklace using beans and strings, making your own football ball, Akirachix is re-igniting this experience but adding a little bit of tech as well. For [...]

Akirachix Kids Kode Camp

Do you know a child who wants to create a website, design a poster or code an application? This looong holiday, Akirachix plans to hold its first Kids Kode Camp. This is a one-week camp [...]