One of the recommendations that came out of a study AkiraChix conducted(Attitudes and motivations for women using technology & entering technology careers in Kenya) was that there’s a need to Foster young women’s confidence levels in STEM to make them feel capable. “By enhancing confidence in their abilities, they will be more likely build ability to overcome obstacles, and also to develop and sustain interest in STEM study fields.”

The AkiraChix mentorship program seeks to match our training program students with female mentors to not only deepen their professional skills, but to also create an environment for thoughtful guidance and friendship to advance their leadership skills and confidence.

After 3 weeks of open applications to become a mentor with AkiraChix, we managed to select 36 successful applicants to join our 2016 program, including past mentors from 2015 and some new faces. This mentorship program is set to run till December 2016, with most mentors committing to participate for the full year.

On March 18th 2016, we held an introductory meeting to review the 2015 program and experiences, and create an action plan for our 2016 program.

It was great share ideas on how to create deeper lasting relationships with the girls, and how to create a more positive impact on their lives.

Next Steps?

We are now in the process of planning for a session to introduce our girls to potential mentors, as a means of matching them before May 2016.

We’ll continue to share more updates and insights with you as the year progresses.


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