AkiraChix is hosting its first Design Meet Up on the 19th of June 2015 from 5-7pm.

The word “design” has traditionally been used to describe the visual aesthetics of objects such as books, websites, products, interiors, architecture, and fashion. Gradually, the definition of design has stretched to include not just artifacts but strategic services and systems.

Courtesy, XKCD

Design thinking is an repetitious problem-solving process of discovery, ideation, and experimentation that employs various design-based techniques to gain insight and yield innovative solutions for virtually any type of challenge.

At the heart of this approach is a deep sensitivity to the needs of people, whether they are consumers, clients, or everyday citizens.

Rising obesity, Human Trafficking, Re-skilling the workforce, flooding, lack of quality education, access to clean water,etc. Whose job is it to solve these problems?

For decades, the answer to that question has been simple: Government.

Design is a powerful agent socially and environmentally, and with that in mind, this meet up aims to start a conversation on how designers in Nairobi can approach some of the issues plaguing our city.

Nyandia Kamawe, creative director at Ewamak Designs LTD and trainer for AkiraChix will be leading this session and introducing the agenda for the Design-A-Thon to be held later in July(Date TBA).

Free tickets available here.

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