A group of Akirachix members won the first ever IPO48 competition that was held from 29th – 31st, a 48hr marathon to come up with applications. The girls came up with M-Farm, an innovative application that connects farmers, with suppliers, agrovets and cooperatives. Through the application, farmers get current market
prices , that are compared with market prices in other regions.

Linda listening to a presentation

 Susan and Jamilla working on the app

The Akirachix team consisting of Jamila, Susan , Kate , Linda and Nana said after they were declared the winners “We are excited that after 48hours , we were able to come up with M-Farm, and are going to develop it even further. It was a great opportunity to work together as a team… ” The judges voted for M-Farm unanimously, describing the
application as innovative, and a welcome product to the Kenyan market.

The team is looking forward to working together in the next coming months to launch M-Farm to the market. Speaking at the beginning of the presentation, Jamila said, “We are here for the farmers, and we care about them. Therefore we are developing M-Farm to enable the farmers to be aware of the current market prices,
and thus make decisions on buying and selling based on accurate market prices. ”

The winning team: Jamilla, Susan, Kate, Nana and Linda (not in the pic)

Follow M-Farm on facebook, and twitter. You can also see a video of the presentation here.

Akirachix is proud of the  M-farm team and we wish them the very best in this new and exciting venture.



  1. jamila November 8, 2010 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    Thanks to you all! your support and prayers made us win!

  2. mahmud r joel November 9, 2010 at 11:33 am - Reply

    …good work and congratulations on winning the IPO48 hackathon guys. will be watching your progress just to learn, support and buy wherever i can

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