The first meet-up was held on the 29th of May 2010, attracting about 30 ladies from various sectors in the tech industry, most of whom were students.This meet-up aimed at introducing the concept of AkiraChix to both tech and Non-tech ladies, as well as brainstorm on future AkiraChix activities.

Judith Owigar(AkiraChix Chair) started off the session by introducing AkiraChix and its Co-founders to the attendees.

Melissa Tully then gave a brief session on strategy and approaches to using social media tools.
Right before a short break for snacks was taken,the ladies were requested to write their names and ideas on what activities AkiraChix could take up on pink sticky notes which were to be put up on the white board.
After the break was an interactive session led by Linnet kwamboka, Angela Oduor and Jamilla Amin, where attendees were asked to explain what they had written on their sticky notes in more detail. This session was characterised by a deep discussion on how to implement the various ideas that came up from the sticky notes.
Charlene makes a point

Jamilla Amin and Angela Oduor

The guest speaker, Catherine Nyambala, founder of STEM africa (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Manager of Linksoft Center of Excellence, then gave an interactive and insightful talk about her experience being mentored by Marissa Mayer courtesy of the Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership program.

Catherine Nyambala speaks to AkiraChix

AkiraChix would like to thank everyone who made it for this event. Watch out for more of our meet-ups soon :).

More photos are available on our flickr stream here, and our facebook group here.


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