Google for startups mentorship event

Our #codeHive19 students Sharon Akoth, Daisy Nyaboke, and Irene Nyambura, co-wrote this article sharing their experience during the  Google for startups event held at AkiraChix campus for our codeHive 2019 cohort. The event was made possible by iHub with special thanks to Nekesa -Managing Director iHub for making it happen.

On 23/03/2019, we were privileged to meet a team from the Google for Startups program. As the codehive cohort of 2019, the excitement and energy in the room was palpable. We were able to gain very useful insight regarding business ownership and the journey of entrepreneurship as a whole. It raised awareness on the fact that there is a lot of support for startups and that it actually is not as difficult to bring our ideas to life. Ideas were exchanged and advice was given to those who already have business ideas yet to be acted on. Some of the takeaways from the interactive session are that no one can take away your skill and that anything is possible, forget the excuses and just do it.

Having a one on one session with some of the members from the Google for startups team was phenomenal. Getting to hear from experts was a great deal for us as students. We were able to interact with a few and it was awesome despite the fact that time was limited. The one on one session was very lively and interactive in that we, the students, allowed our curiosity to come to life by being inquisitive.

The session was characterized by students asking lots of question most especially on entrepreneurship, what is in the market field for those with skills, the most important aspects for one to be a successful entrepreneur and many more. We also received pieces of advice from the Google for startups crew on how to go about with our ideas and striving towards putting our ideas into reality by acting on them and keeping notes of each and every idea that we think of.

The most important take away for me was, it’s never too late to start working on an idea and allowing yourself to visualize your dreams, ambitions, and goals. I also decided to interview a few of my classmates on what their take away was and these are some of their responses “Africa has a lot of potential that we need to make good use of.” Rose Wanjiku (codeHive student), “With encouragement, women can be whoever they want to be and they can do massive things.” Tina Nanzala (codeHive student), “If you want to make a change in the world it all starts with yourself, and that will make room for positive influence on those around you” Leslie Muchiri and finally a word from Everlyne Mueni (codeHive student) ”Whenever it gets tough, we should always think of the reason why we started.”


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