Google at Nairobi Garage

Our #codeHive19 students Joy Wahome Sharon Akoth, Daisy Nyaboke, and Irene Nyambura, co-wrote this article sharing their experience during the
Google’s Africa Day Outreach: Creative Bootcamp.

Many times we hear the word ‘creative’ but for some reason, you can’t seem to put your finger on it. Courtesy of Google, we got the chance to explore deeply what being a creative really is. To get our creative juices flowing, we heard from some of the professionals in the industry. One striking piece of information that stood out is the convergence of art and science. To produce the best work, there must be a balance between the two. For the better part of Day 2 of the boot camp, we took part in group discussions trying to provide an efficient solution to the brief we were given. The whole experience was not just great, it was transformative as it enabled many of us to gain a different perspective of things, to reach within the deepest part of ourselves to be able to connect with our work.

Is creativity a superpower? Are creatives born or made? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves whenever we hear of creativity and creatives. Most of us are still seeking answers to these questions. We finally managed to learn all that exists in the world of creativity starting from the relationship between art and science, what creativity entails, the dos and don’ts in creativity and some of the creative gifts which include :

  • Accepting our ignorance as being infinite
  • Maintaining trust
  • Embracing inclusivity
  • Living in the intersection between art and science

As a creative, one has the ability to impact the world and with such weight on one’s shoulder, it is keen to have clearly outlined values to stand by. Your values are either shaped by experience or influence.

As those who are celebrated often are those who are in front of the camera the people behind the scenes strive to make sure that they tell their stories. Stories that bring happiness, hope and reprieve to their audiences. The bottom line of being an amazing creative is to learn how to balance between art and science.

We got a chance to hear form Mzamo Masito, Chief Marketing Officer, Google Africa, South Africa. He shared with us some of the ways of living a creative life. Was such an honor for us to hear from him. “If you want to be creative it has to start with you,” Mzamo Masito. We learned that the main value of creativity is respect for oneself and to others. Creativity is all about how you run your life and how your existence positively benefits the people around you. The most touching quote I got from Mzamo was, “If we don’t deliberately, intentionally, proactively INCLUDE we unintentionally EXCLUDE”. As we rise, we should strive to lift others.


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