Written by Sophia Murage

Where are you Now? That has always been an important question, in our new connected reality, location has and is becoming even more relevant by the day. A meeting outside the office, coffee meet up with friends, restaurants or libraries near you … all this are just random words until you factor in the aspect of location!


What is even more interesting is how technology has evolved to give us all this information in just a few clicks. Nowadays you can simply open a web page and see where an event is, where a building is, where an institution is and now where ESRIEA developer team was last week; at AkiraChix meetup.20160629_191608

Well, for the first time ever, EsriEA held a GIS developer meet up with AkiraChix on the 29th of June 2016. This saw students of AkiraChix and tech enthusiasts from various universities grace the meet up with much zeal and enthusiasm, to learn how to leverage the power of location in their solutions. With this collaborative effort, we aim to have a thriving and interactive community of developers who can incorporate mapping, visualisation and analysis into web, mobile and desktop applications.


The meetup was a great success and we at EsriEA were humbled (still are) with the turnout of interested developers. We look forward to educating, empowering and positively impacting our communities.

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