GirlApp 2012

The first ever all girl hackathon in Kenya, dubbed GirlApp 2012 was held at the iHub Nairobi between 18th and 19thAugust, hosted by AkiraChix.

GirlApp 2012, brought to you by AkiraChix and MobileGarage

The aim of this event was:-

  • To bring together women from different disciplines to co-create prototype solutions that can address the challenges girls and women face in their day to day lives.
  • Jump start the design process for the creation of apps that target women and girls
  • Just have fun as we code

The event kicked off with an interesting ice breaker, led by AkiraChix president, Judith Owigar. To illustrate how closely connected we all are, yarns of wool were thrown around a circle from one participant to another, forming an interesting pattern.

We are interconnected 🙂

Leo Mutuku and Anne Salim of iHub Research then led participants through an intensive design thinking session that went through to lunchtime.

Leo Mutuku of iHub Research

Anne Salim of iHub Research

The aim of the session was to design a lady’s ideal wallet. The stages of design thinking participants were taken through included:-

  1. Empathy: Understanding your users’ needs. Participants had to interview each other to figure out what their partners’ ideal wallet would be. This stage involved figuring out what needs the ideal wallet would address
  2. Reframe the problem: This stage involved capturing findings from the previous stage, and formulating a problem statement based on those findings. E.g  I keep loosing my lipbalm in my handbag, I don’t have enough space for photographs in my wallet, I don’t have enough space for business cards in my wallet
  3. Ideate: This stage involved sketching out five radical ideas of solving the user’s problem, i.e coming up with rough sketches of how the user’s ideal wallet would look like and then sharing the solutions with the users. Users would consequently share feedback that would be captured by the designer
  4. Build and Test: This stage involved making an ideal wallet. This session tapped into the participants’ creativity, as they had to make wallet prototyped based on feedback given by their intended users, using simple material like manila paper and glue. Of course this was loads of fun :).

Ladies during the design thinking session

After lunch, the heavy duty work began. This session involved brainstorming on ideas to be worked on for the duration of the hackathon.

The ideas!

The three main ideas that were settled on involved:-

Health and Fitness for young women.

  1. Weight Watchers built a J2ME based application that would provide healthy weight watch plans. The application determines users’ body mass index (BMI) based on height, weight and duration an individual would be looking to shed/gain weight, and then drafts up a weight watch plan. It would indicate to you how much weight you need to lose/gain within the period of time that you’d be looking to work out for, and would also send you your diet plan via SMS.
  2. Diet app B, also known as Fitness Group approached this problem from a different angle, incorporating fitness and lifestyle change as well.  Their application was web based, and also available on the Android Market.

Style and Fashion

  1. StyleMe built a QT based application that would help ladies match their outfits based on their wardrobe collection. The general aim was to help ladies save time on choosing what to wear, by allowing them upload photos of their wardrobe collection, and then matching different items of clothing. The application helps you plan out what outfits to put on by marking them on the calendar, effectively helping one plan out their style for the week, and also keep track of outfits worn during past events. They plan on having it on the Android market as well
  2. In cases where ladies are looking for things to buy online, they have to do a lot of searching(picture multiple browser tabs open, searching for the perfect design). Window Shoppers attempted to make this process easier, by building on online portal/search engine that would aggregate information from different online shops, allowing sellers advertise their products, and making it easier for lady shoppers to find items they would like to buy. It was likened to Amazon and eBay, minus the sales aspect.

Women in Tech Outreach  

Qtech were the only group that tackled this particular issue. The aim of their Android application and web based solution is to keep women in tech updated on relevant events, provide mentorship and encourage participation. Qtech gives ladies interested in tech access to outreach programs they can participate in, updates them on upcoming events revolving around women in tech, as well as helping match ladies interested in tech with mentors in the industry. They also incorporated mapping in their application. It was definitely difficult for the judges to pick on the winning applications, as this was an impressive show of team work, determination and commitment on the part of the participants. The ladies stayed up all night to showcase their prototypes, after 36 grueling hours. General advice from the judges revolved around the teams figuring out their business models and sustainability of their solutions, as well as proper presentation/pitching.

The Judges

After much deliberation, the judges verdict was delivered. First place went to QTech, winning themselves KES 75,000/=, followed by StyleME who won KES 50,000/=. 3RD place went to Weight Watchers, who won KES 25,000/=. 4th and 5th place went to Diet Group B aka Fitness app and Window Shoppers respectively, who did not go home empty handed and received KES 5,000/= each for their participation.

QTech react after discovering they won

The event was a definite success, being a good mix of fun and hacking.  There were points of intense and stressful work, which would require sessions of intense fun, as illustrated in the picture below,where the GirlApp attendees broke out into dance, to the tunes of Azonto by Fuse ODG feat. Tiffany J.

The girls doing the Azonto dance

All participants should be proud of themselves for taking part in the hackathon, and are winners in all respect. This should not be the end, but only the beginning, and we hope that these ideas will be taken a notch further, building sustainable solutions that will be available in the market for all to try out.

Happy Hackers!

AkiraChix would like to thank the iHub for their continued support by providing the space to conduct GirlApp 2012, iHub Research for leading the Design Thinking session, Levi Wanyoike for covering our event with amazing photography, infoDev for their support of MobileGarage through funding, and Pete’s coffee for the constant supply of caffeine and food to boost the girls’ energy! For anyone interested in mentoring, investing, or even just having a chat with the female developers who participated in the event, feel free to send an email to and we’ll be happy to link you up.

Photos from the event are available on our picasa web album.

[Pics courtesy of Levi Wanyoike]

Post Update

Below is a list of members of each team that participated in the Hackathon:-


  • Evelyn Muthoni Mwangi
  • Maryann Wangari
  • Marcy Orangi
  • Jeruto Masiror
  • Maina Caroline Wanjiku
  • Jackie Mutua


  • Peris Bosire
  • Winnie Kimani
  • Rita Kimani

Weight Watchers

  • Irene Warui

Fitness aka Diet Group B

  • Jackie Moraa
  • Josephine Ayienda
  • Margaret Adhiambo

Window Shopping

  • Martha Chumo
  • Gaki Gichia
  • Teresa Maina
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    This is great! I would really love to see more women in tech! And I also like the brand GirlApp, sounds like “Man up” 🙂 Kudos AkiraChix!

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    exciting stuff happening here; more so to see Kenyan girls matching international standards. keep it up!!!

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    Kudos proud of you.

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