Who is Wangechi Mwangi and what do you do?
I am a BBIT student at Strathmore University and a super volunteer at Akirachix. Further than that, I love learning, understanding, challenging and improving the way systems work.

Wangechi Mwangi

Do you have any formal training in the field of tech?
Yes. I am currently a 2nd year student studying Business and Information Technology at Strathmore University.

What application(s) are you working on or have you worked on?
I founded AZMA, a social enterprise that aimed at consolidating the efforts and energy of high school students and pre-University students. The aim was to get them to hold intellectual discussions, debates and to coordinate efforts to engage in outreach activities that build the community and solve societal problems. The initiative is now managed by Mary Njoki, a former Precious Blood Riruta student. I am now working on a mobile application in the finance sector. I am also a super volunteer at Akirachix. I believe in their goal of building up and supporting a successful force of women in technology.

Why did you choose to be in the field of technology?
I previously wanted to pursue Economics and statistics, and even got an acceptance letter from Nairobi University to do the same. However, as a result of my interaction within iHub Research, Akirachix, and the iHub community, I chose to pursue BBIT because of how the technology scene has been growing and will continue growing for the next many years. I felt that there were so many opportunities in tech that existed and that I could tap into and that is why I chose to pursue it. More importantly, I found it very fascinating and interesting. I love how tech is not, and will never be a lone ranger. It takes shapes and form in other industries. This gives me the opportunity to be as diverse as I would like. It also falls very much in line with my life philosophy – ‘Learn, Understand, Challenge and Improve’.

What challenges have you faced in the tech industry so far?
It is an intense industry. In order for one to excel in it, one needs a lot of dedication in terms of time, and a real commitment to learning. Becoming good in tech is an individual effort. A school may create a conducive atmosphere, but ultimately, it us up to an individual. We have to read a million books, have a thousand resources, explore different things.

What would you do if you were not in the field of tech?
I’d probably do economics or finance, but I know I’d get bored along the way and start learning some programming or some new ways of different things, and these new ways would always lead to tech.

Tell us something interesting about you?
In another life, I would be a dancer and have a talk show! 🙂 I love talking to people, laughing, music and dancing is my first love. Anything from traditional dances, African dances, salsa and zumba to simple head bobbing and hand movements!

Parting Shot?
Live life in a way that your contribution to humanity will be felt, during and beyond your years on earth!

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  1. Alifiyah Ganijee October 12, 2013 at 2:47 pm - Reply

    Wonderful & inspiring!Wishing you the very best Wangechi Mwangi 🙂

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