Over the last 5 years , AkiraChix has been running  fully funded technical training program targeting  young women from poor socioeconomic  backgrounds. These young women are those that have completed high school but due to financial constraints are unable to further their education. The training  aims to develop their capacity and skills in Computer Literacy, Web design (both Front-End and Back-End), Mobile Application Development, Graphic design and Entrepreneurship. In the last 5 years we have  successfully trained 90 students and 50%  have been placed in jobs, others started their own companies and some have gone ahead to further their studies taking courses in either business or technology.

To further support the training program as well as implement our sustainability strategy,  AkiraChix has introduced a parallel program that will run alongside the young women’s training program where students of means will pay for the training. There have been numerous requests from post high school girls, people who are in university and those who would like to change their careers to that of technology to enroll as beneficiaries of the AkiraChix Training Program. Proceeds from the paid program will be used to support part of the primary program.


Web design class in session

The parallel program will be a foundation course focusing on Graphic design, Web Design (Front-End and Back-End) and Mobile Application development. The training is open to any individual who’s interested in getting  in web development,mobile development or  Graphic design.To further enhance their learning, the girls will volunteer/intern in tech companies. This means that during the day the girls will be practicing the skills they learn then in the evening they attend class.


The course will run for 3 months, classes are in the evening 5:30pm – 7:30pm from Monday to Friday. We have a class in session and the next class will be held between June – August, we are taking in applications. Reach out to  linda@akirachix.com for more information.


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