In the last six years of AkiraChix’s existence, we have graduated 89 girls, and one boy from the AkiraChix training program, having trained 4 cohorts of students on programming, design and entrepreneurship in the hopes of developing their capacity and skills in computer literacy, computer programming (for both mobile and web applications), computer hardware, graphic design and entrepreneurship. The goal is to empower them technologically and financially, enabling them to serve and lead their communities.

In a bid to maintain the connection with past students and keep exposing them to opportunities to support their ventures after school, AkiraChix has been hosting regular sessions with training program Alumni. These meetups are hosted once every quarter, with regular communications maintained via our alumni network mailing list through out the year.

On March 19th, 2016, we held our first alumni meeting of the year, targeting students from our recent graduating class of 2015.

It was encouraging to see a great number of students have managed to secure internships leading to job positions in their 3 months of being out in the job market. Some of the companies our girls have secured internships/jobs in companies within the technology ecosystem including BRCK, E-Limu, ForexPaa Mobile, CellulantSingerpole Enterprise, amongst others. Two students are back in University pursuing higher education at Kenyatta University and United States International University(USIU).

Looking to employ? Look no further!

However, we do have a few girls who are yet to secure internships/jobs. The AkiraChix team continues to open doors for our students, but we could use your help on this front as well.

If you’re looking for people to join your team, with skills in programming, design and entrepreneurship, feel free to get in touch with us via contact AT akirachix DOT com, with details on what the job would entail, and we would be happy to connect you with our alumni.

Our next alumni meeting will be held in July 2016, and we will continue to share updates as the year progresses.


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