networking-homepageAkiraChix is growing a self sustaining network of women technologists that will create a successful force of women in technology in Africa by:-

  • Providing opportunities for women in tech to connect and collaborate with each other.
  • Linking women to opportunities that help them grow wholistically.
  • Creating a safe online and physical space for women in technology to excel
  • Creating awareness about the women in technology movement
  • Supporting other women in technology organisations within Africa
  • Nurture future generations of women in technology in Africa

To achieve this, AkiraChix organises the following networking events:

  • Meetups. AkiraChix hosts physical and online meetups every quarter to engage its members, volunteers, mentors. We also host meetups on thematic areas such as digital security, robotics and many others.
  • Hackathons. AkiraChix hosts hackathons targeting female coders, with the aim of encouraging more women to build solutions to problems within their communities.
  • Annual Women in Tech Conference. AkiraChix hosts an annual pan-african women in technology conference, with the aim of celebrating women in computing in Africa. The aim of this event is to connect women from all walks of life, and provide a platform for them to discuss and tackle challenges facing women in the tech industry, as well as allow them to showcase interesting work they are currently involved in.

We have built a strong community of more than 500 volunteers and supporters over the last 5 years of our existence, and look to grow this community beyond Kenya, into Africa.

Kids Camp & High School Boot Camp

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Reflecting on impact of AkiraChix

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AkiraChix is excited to partner with Digify Africa for a meet up on the 10th of August 2016. Digify will will show you the A-Z in digital marketing in 6 modules. INTRO TO DIGITAL MARKETING TRADITIONAL [...]