AkiraChix Training Program 2012 has begun!

Technology is one of the key factors driving Africa’s projected economic rise. At the moment, there is a large gender gap in both the academic and professional arenas of technology. As such, there is enormous opportunity to develop women as technology professionals. This is where the AkiraChix Training program comes in. In line with our [...]

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LinuxChix Mentorship Workshop

AkiraChix was privileged to be part of the LinuxChix Annual Computing & Mentorship workshop for High School girls. The aim of this event is to expose the girls to careers in tech, to women who are enjoying their careers in tech and to encourage the girls to pursue careers in tech or to incorporate technology [...]

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Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer

Last evening, a large number of members from the *iHub Community had the privilege of listening to Google's Vice President of Location and Local services, Marissa Mayer. She was hosted by the *iHub for a fireside chat, moderated by Ushahidi Co-founder, *iHub founder and AfriGadget founder Erik Hersman. Marissa was accompanied by 32 Associate Product Managers. These [...]

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Women in Tech Cocktail at the iHub

Women @Google Africa together with AkiraChix will be hosting a Women in Tech Cocktail at the iHub on 28th June 17:00- 19:00. Apart from the food, the event will include a Heart to Heart talk on what it means to be a woman engineer and how to stay on top of the game. The event [...]

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Pivot25 is an mlab initiative to bring focus on the Mobile developer and entrepreneur community in East Africa.m:lab East Africa is a consortium of four organizations aiming to be a leader in identifying, nurturing and helping to build sustainable enterprises in the knowledge economy. Pivot25  held a mobile Apps & Developer conference at Ole Sereni [...]

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AkiraChix honoured as Unsung Heroes by US Ambassador Ranneberger in Nairobi

On international Womens day Akirachix had the opportunity to attend a reception organized by Us ambassador Michael Ranneberger,this was an opportunity for the gals to meet with influential women in our society I.e Julia Ojiambo,Gina Din Kariuki,Esther Pasaris to name but a few. But the Highlight of the night was the Akirachix being honored by [...]

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MoMo 21st March 2010

Yet another Mobile Monday, #fullhouse. Today is looking really hot, and no i mean hot with applications. Its always hot that way, one way or another, am a sucker for innovations and inventions. Moving on, is that media in the house? Yeeiii am gonna be on TV!! Who am i kidding? its awesome looking at [...]

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MoMo 21st Feb 2011

Today in the house of Mobile Monday, Akirachix are always representing. Of cause you gotta love these gals, you should see them, one interview to another, a few administrative tasks here and there but hey, its MoMo again, whats up today? Apparently, lately i have been looking into cloud computing, i hear its gonna put [...]

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Akirachix Membership.

At last! Good news to all the ladies that kept asking how to join Akirachix. Well, all you have to do is fill out this form. As simple as that! You will be sent more details on membership and events from now on. We will keep you posted.

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Gals on Maps at the iHub

The Gals on Maps is going down at the iHub. There is a record number of ladies at the iHub; more than 100. After some ice breaking activities, there was a brief introduction into maps and map maker. The introduction into mapmaker was done by Jackie Rajuai. The gals are now plotting points into the Google map. [...]

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