AkiraChix Training Program 2015: Call for Applications

We're just about to wrap up this year's training program class of 2014. Its been an amazing year of discovery and learning for our students, and we're eager to see them run out into the wild and apply all the skills we have taught them over the past year. We're now looking for the next [...]

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Akirachix Entrepreneurs: Where Vision Meets Enterprise-Cynthia Alwenga

  Cynthia Alwenga, 19 years old had it rough. Her parents and older sibling were involved in a  freak car accident in 2003 that left her orphaned and taking care of her younger brother and nephew. Very early in life she had to learn how to fend for herself which led her to play football [...]

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Akirachix Entrepreneurs:Where Vision Meets Enterprise-Jecinta Wanjiru and Agnes Maseah

There’s is a story of how two people’s lives intertwine with each other as fate would have it to birth something much bigger than they had ever perceived. Jecinta Wanjiru, 24 years and Agnes Maseah, 19 years met at Akirachix and had no idea that they would become such good friends. A chance meeting in [...]

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Akirachix Entrepreneurs: Where Vision meets Enterprise – Janet Alfred

(Beginning this week, we're featuring a couple of our current AkiraChix training program students, who are dipping their feet into entrepreneurship, thanks to loans from KIVA Zip. Learn more about what businesses they've started, and how their lives are being positively impacted) Janet Alfred, the 22 year old entrepreneur, grew up with a single mother, [...]

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Information Security Course – August intake

Why Information security? Kenyans are now interacting actively with technology in terms of creation and development, as well as actual application and dissemination of products and services more than ever before.This has brought in great gains but also exposed institutions to costly risks due to the amount of information that is made available on networks [...]

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Fare Thee Well Maureen

Sunday 29th 2013 happened to be my saddest day of the year as I got to learn of the passing away of Maureen Chepchumba Chepkwony. Her death was sudden, caused by a fire that razed down a section of Deep Sea slum in Westlands. Maureen was a very humble, smart and hardworking young lady. She [...]

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