Recruiting AkiraChix class of 2018

Its that time of the year again when we have pleasure of screening a group of young, hopeful, young girls from all over Kenya for CodeHive (our one-year training program). This program has continued to be offered at no cost to the students with classes in; Web Design Mobile application design Graphic Design Hardware design Life Skills [...]

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Recruiting AkiraChix class of 2017

Every year for the last 5 years, AkiraChix has the pleasure of welcoming a group of young, hopeful, young girls from all over Kenya for our one-year training program. This program has continued to be offered at no cost to the students with classes in Web Design, Mobile application design, Graphic Design, Hardware design, Life Skills [...]

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Certificate Program – August 2016 Graduation

At the end of August, we were excited to watch as the 2nd cohort of students in our certificate foundation course graduate. This class began in June and ran through till the end of August. The students had the opportunity to get an introduction to Graphic Design, Web Design, Mobile Application Development, and Hardware Product [...]

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Foundation course for September 2016

AkiraChix is excited to announce that we are recruiting candidates for our 3rd edition of the three-month foundation certificate course to be held September – November 2016. We expect even higher attendance for this second installment and invite all interested participants to learn a little more about it by downloading this brochure. To reserve a slot simply fill out the [...]

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A day at Akirachix by Judy Njiiri

Judy Njiiri Class of 2016 My day starts at six in the morning and some of us are usually in class early doing their personal duties, complete assignments, and some just can’t stand the environment at home. Classes begin at 9am with a word of prayer led by the student on duty.  Our first break [...]

A day at Akirachix Training Program

By Martha Saka  Class of 2016 My name is Martha Saka and I am a student at AkiraChix training program. We are going through a one-year intensive course in programming, design and entrepreneurship skills with the objective to equip us with knowledge that will propel us to find financial liberating opportunities and escape the trap [...]


By Nancy Moraa (Class of 2016) Each day at Akirachix is a learning experience filled with excitement and activity. Our days are filled with loads of assignments and if I could buy time, I definitely would be in line to purchase. Our days are intense! Our classes usually start at 9 am from Monday to Saturday [...]

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June Foundation Course has began

This last week on Monday the 6th of June, we commenced our second certificate class with an energetic group of cohorts all eager and ready to learn. The first week was introduction and briefing on Graphic Design, Web Design; Front-end development and Back-end development, Mobile application development and finished off the week with a lesson [...]


By Caroline Mwende (Current AkiraChix student Class of 2016) My name is Carol, and this is my transforming and life changing experience at Citam Kadolta camp. I received an email from my communication skills facilitator informing us we would be attending a boot camp. Trust me when I say that I freaked out, reason been am an indoor kind [...]

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My boot camp experience

By Martha Saka (Current AkiraChix student Class of 2016) Linda, AkiraChix co-founder announced earlier this semester that we would be attending a boot camp. You can imagine the anticipation and curiosity that filled our minds at the moment. Having never attended a boot camp before, to us it meant probably coming up with a new program, [...]

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