MsemaKweli Wins AppCircus Nairobi

Kenya’s first ever AppCircus event was held on Saturday, hosted by AkiraChix and the iHub. AppCircus is a global traveling [...]

MsemaKweli Wins AppCircus Nairobi2017-05-23T17:17:07+00:00


JOURNEY TO THE LAUNCH The AkiraChix team, led by the president arrived early at the Craft Silicon campus in preparation [...]

AKISHIKA LAUNCH2017-05-23T17:17:16+00:00

Barcamp Nairobi 2010

Day 1. Barcamp 2010 kicked of on the 12th of June with more than 600 people in attendance,Barcamp is an [...]

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Mobile Monday (MoMo)

Akirachix meets Akalamboys On the evening of 31st Monday, four members of Akirachix attended the Mobile Monday (MoMo) meet up [...]

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