Inaugural AkiraChix Women’s Conference Recap!

We held our Inaugural Women’s conference on 1st November 2014 at Panari Sky Centre, with over 300 people in attendance, including a few men and students from Ngara Girls High school and Kenya High School. We also unveiled our new logo and branding. “She builds. She serves. She leads” Our keynote speaker, Juliana Rotich, Executive [...]

Kibera School for Girls pay AkiraChix a visit

3 years down the line of AkiraChix activities, we've dived into mentoring high school girls, and are now expanding that horizon to young girls in primary school. Remember us visiting the Kibera School for  girls a few weeks back? Well, last Friday, they returned the favor :). AkiraChix organized for girls in 3rd and 4th [...]

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MsemaKweli Wins AppCircus Nairobi

Kenya’s first ever AppCircus event was held on Saturday, hosted by AkiraChix and the iHub. AppCircus is a global traveling showcase of the most creative and innovative apps. Twelve finalists were given the chance to pitch their mobile applications to the eager audience. The overall winner was Msema Kweli, a mobile app that [...]

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IPO48 winners: Akirachix going places

A group of Akirachix members won the first ever IPO48 competition that was held from 29th – 31st, a 48hr marathon to come up with applications. The girls came up with M-Farm, an innovative application that connects farmers, with suppliers, agrovets and cooperatives. Through the application, farmers get current market prices , that are compared [...]

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JOURNEY TO THE LAUNCH The AkiraChix team, led by the president arrived early at the Craft Silicon campus in preparation for the akishika launch. The venue went from this To this With the PA system in check, banners up and sits arranged in order, it was time to wait for the [...]

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Barcamp Nairobi 2010

Day 1. Barcamp 2010 kicked of on the 12th of June with more than 600 people in attendance,Barcamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.The meeting kicked of with Erik Hersman of [...]

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Meeting with Camille and Lauren from the Human Rights Center, University of California Berkley

It was a great honor to meet Camille Crittenden and Lauren Harris from the Human Rights Center, University of California Berkeley. Camille is the Executive Director of the Human Rights Center while Lauren Harris is a student working with there on a project to strengthen accountability for sexual violence in countries affected by war and political-related [...]

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Mobile Monday (MoMo)

Akirachix meets Akalamboys On the evening of 31st Monday, four members of Akirachix attended the Mobile Monday (MoMo) meet up at the iHub Nairobi. These were Judith, Jessica, Jamilla and Rose. It must be said that their attendance significantly increased the participation of ladies in the MoMo meet ups. From here on the guys at [...]

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