Powerful lessons on mentorship: A recap of the 2016 Mentorship pairing exercise

(Guest Blog post by Judy Alice King'ori, 2016 Mentor) Akirachix held a mentorship pairing exercise, dubbed "speed mentoring" on 9th [...]

Connecting with AkiraChix Training Program Alumni

In the last six years of AkiraChix’s existence, we have graduated 89 girls, and one boy from the AkiraChix training [...]

Akirachix Training Project Graduation

A highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the students’ final projects. The students used their newly acquired programming, web design and entrepreneurship skills to create websites that offered innovative solutions to relevant local problems. For example, “Soap ya Mtaa” website created a platform allowing local soap and detergent makers to reach a wider market through the internet. Mr. Obath was so impressed by the caliber of the presentations that he offered to follow up with the IT sector of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance to investigate which of the projects could be turned into real implementations.

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Akirachix July Meet Up

After the talk the ladies were divided into groups to come up with applications that can be turned into profitable businesses. They were then supposed to pitch the applications to the other teams. After the pitching session, the teams voted for the best app, the catch was that they could not vote for their own idea. We hope to highlight some of those working apps on this blog in the near future.

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