AkiraChix’s 2015 in Review

Happy 2016 and new month from the AkiraChix team. The last quarter of 2015 was fairly busy for AkiraChix. Here are some highlights of what we worked on at the end of the year African Women in Technology Conference, hosted by AkiraChix 2015(AWTC15) On November 14th, 2015, AkiraChix hosted its second annual African Women in [...]

Coding with Arduino: Bootcamp for High School Girls!

It's that time of year when we host our high school bootcamps again :). We’re hosting a boot camp for high school between Monday November 30th, 2015 and Friday December 4th, 2015. CODING WITH ARDUINO! This end year bootcamp is tailored for young girls between the ages of 12 and 18, and will run from 9:00 a.m [...]

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Announcing the 2nd Annual African Women in Technology Conference, hosted by AkiraChix

Last year, AkiraChix hosted it's inaugural annual African Women in Tech conference on 1st November 2014, with more than 300 people  in attendance, including women working in the kenyan tech industry, University students and education experts from various Institutions in Kenya. (See photos from last year's conference) Attendees of last year's conference. AkiraChix [...]

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Changing communities, one woman at a time!

We would like to thank the the President of Kenya,President of the United States and the organizers of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for giving us the platform to share the AkiraChix story. That moment on the world’s stage was a time to reflect on our collective journey and the impact we have had on young [...]

Join us for our first AkiraChix Design meet up!

AkiraChix is hosting its first Design Meet Up on the 19th of June 2015 from 5-7pm. The word "design" has traditionally been used to describe the visual aesthetics of objects such as books, websites, products, interiors, architecture, and fashion. Gradually, the definition of design has stretched to include not just artifacts but strategic services and systems. [...]

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Join f3mhack Nairobi on 23rd May, 2015

(Guest Post by Yvonne Oluoch, #IncYOUbateIT competition winner,  founder of Socially Keen Individuals Redefining the Tech Space (SKIRTS) and AkiraChix Volunteer) On February 20th 2015, I facilitated a session on digital security and was privileged to have interesting discussions with an enthusiastic group of attendees.   We looked at different tools and tactics that you can [...]

Recapping Weaponized Social in Nairobi

Guest post by Willow Brugh of Aspiration Tech. The second main Weaponized Social event occurred in Nairobi, Kenya on May 2nd at AkiraChix. We talked moderation, digital migration of television, and trolling the trolls. One challenge I ran into was that freedom of expression is so enthusiastically valued in both the stateside and internet freedom circles [...]

Fortune favours the Akirachix woman: A #GGFest15 Recap

Guest Post by Evans Mbora Campbell of iHub. 25th April 2015 marked the Geek Girls Festival (formerly Girls in ICT Day). It was hosted at the iHub and masterfully choreographed by Akirachix. I had the pleasure of sharing a room with gifted, voracious, young minds: primary and high school girls, a few university students, the [...]

Weaponized Social in Nairobi

This post is written by Willow and Javier of Aspiration,the US-based NGO behind Social. Thanks to the hospitality of AkiraChix, we are bringing Weaponized Social to Nairobi on May 2 We hope to have conversations about online interactions digital conflict resolution, and the weaponization of the internet. “Weaponized?! But the internet is amazing!" you might [...]

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Are you ready for Geek Girl Festival 2015???

In less than three days, AkiraChix will be hosting its recently re-branded AkiraChix Geek Girl Festival, and we’re more than excited about it! Tickets sold out within the first week of our announcement, and we have since added a few extra tickets. Our keynote speaker for the event will be Wangechi Mwangi, co-founder and CEO [...]

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