A day at Akirachix Training Program

By Martha Saka  Class of 2016 My name is Martha Saka and I am a student at AkiraChix training program. We are going through a one-year intensive course in programming, design and entrepreneurship skills with the objective to equip us with knowledge that will propel us to find financial liberating opportunities and escape the trap [...]

Changing communities, one woman at a time!

We would like to thank the the President of Kenya,President of the United States and the organizers of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for giving us the platform to share the AkiraChix story. That moment on the world’s stage was a time to reflect on our collective journey and the impact we have had on young [...]

Akirachix Entrepreneurs: Where Vision Meets Enterprise-Cynthia Alwenga

  Cynthia Alwenga, 19 years old had it rough. Her parents and older sibling were involved in a  freak car accident in 2003 that left her orphaned and taking care of her younger brother and nephew. Very early in life she had to learn how to fend for herself which led her to play football [...]

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Akirachix Entrepreneurs:Where Vision Meets Enterprise-Jecinta Wanjiru and Agnes Maseah

There’s is a story of how two people’s lives intertwine with each other as fate would have it to birth something much bigger than they had ever perceived. Jecinta Wanjiru, 24 years and Agnes Maseah, 19 years met at Akirachix and had no idea that they would become such good friends. A chance meeting in [...]

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Akirachix Entrepreneurs: Where Vision meets Enterprise – Janet Alfred

(Beginning this week, we're featuring a couple of our current AkiraChix training program students, who are dipping their feet into entrepreneurship, thanks to loans from KIVA Zip. Learn more about what businesses they've started, and how their lives are being positively impacted) Janet Alfred, the 22 year old entrepreneur, grew up with a single mother, [...]

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