Day 1.
Barcamp 2010 kicked of on the 12th of June with more than 600 people in attendance,Barcamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.The meeting kicked of with Erik Hersman of Ushahidi welcoming everyone to the event and laying down the days agenda.

Barcamp Nairobi 2010

To start off the presentation was Mikel Maron of OpenStreatMap ,who gave an insight on activities revolving around Mapping Kibera(some of the AkiraChix and Honorary Akirachix members 🙂 did some mapping by taking a walk along Ngong rd and mapping the landmarks from Bishop Magua all the way “…..emphasis on all the way” to chinaplace),followed by Geo Tube,Paul kukubo, C.E.O Kenya ICT Board with his talk on Government and transparency.

Second session (Lightning session organized by Judith Owigar) saw presentations from the likes of

  • Jepchumba of African Digital art, with¬† an interesting take on using your computer to make beautiful art.
  • Judith and Jamila¬† of Akirachix gave a presentation on the whole idea behind Akirachix.
  • Sajid Thomas on Geography and how to find your significant other using G.I.S mapping.Which is quite worrying to some of us 🙁
  • Crystal Kigoni on Voices of Africa organization, and some of their current projects, such as the Internet, Rural Internet Kiosks, with a 512Mb bandwidth capacity.
  • Erica Hagen of open Street Map, on the new project they‚Äôre working on, involving citizen Journalism.
  • Stefan Magdalinski of Mocality on the business of Business Directories in Africa.
  • Karim Kanji the Techvibes blogger also gave a session on blogging
  • Kevin Isaac and Brian Okello of Shika,on how they are motivating the less privileged youth and training them basic IT skills.
  • Mike Macharia, C.E.O of SevenSeas talked about the importance of mentorship for young entrepreneurs in businesses,and also illustrated the importance of business training

Jepchumba from African Digital Art

Ruffle session was up with google Nexus 1 phone up for grabs,Tonee Ndungu took the 3 finalist through a series of elimination question,”..the Nexus 1 wasnt coming cheap”,eventually Benjamin Kilonzo from Technobrain proved to be the smarter one by having the highest no of correctly answered questions. He walked away with a Google Nexus phone courtesy of Google.

Erik gave the last talk of the day by giving a brief overview of Ushahidi i.e how it was all started,and what its all about,Barcamp day one was finally over and atendees collected t-shirts on their way out ,while others remained behind chatting and catching up on Argentina vs Nigeria game as pizzas streamed in from Debonairs courtesy of SevenSeas.

Barcamp 2010

Day 2.
Barcamp day 2 which was a half day event saw about 250 guys in attendance,and it kicked of on time with presentations on the morning session from

  • Reinner Battenberg from Mountbatten(Mountbatten sponsored the first 25 cappuccino from Pete’s cafe that morning)on building a Drupal site in 20mins you could tell how Reinner was passionate about Drupal he might have even converted a few of us from WordPress to Drupal
  • John Karanja from on 9 colloquial languages in Kenya.
  • Jamila Abass,Linda Kamau and Judith Owigar on Akirachix(Geek girls in Nairobi) what its all about and what the group intends to do,its so happens that majority of people who attended the Akirachix session were dudes and they are also our biggest supporters :-).

The attendees took a lunch break after the first session,where pizzas were delivered yet again in plenty thanks to sevenseas,it was back to business after heavy intake of pizzas with:-

  • Kaburo of Kenya ICT board on the new $4m grant,apparently its been less than 2 weeks since the grant was announced and already 500+ have sent their applications.the application can be done online
  • Mano Marks Geo developer for google on Google Geo API and an overview of what can be done using their API.This session also saw guys enlightend about¬† mapping with the help of the mapping gurus Mikel of OSM,Mano of Google maps and Stefan of Mocality this guys sure know their thing

As the Barcamp came to an end,it is was clear that Barcamp is one of the largest technology events in all of Africa, the crowd stayed on watching the  Serbia vs Ghana on the big screen and everyone left on their own pleasure.

Mikel Maron(arms raised) of OSM,Mano Marks of Google(left),Erik Hersman of ushahidi(right),And Angie of Akirachix passing by

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    Thanks for the mention! It was great hanging with some smart people in Nairobi.



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