Game development session during the Kids Arts & Camp

Game development session during the Kids Arts & Camp

We have seen time and time again that play is a wonderful basis for learning. Our innovative approach provides fun, and affordable way to introduce children to technology.

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Just ask the families who visit us regularly – the kids enjoy themselves so much, they don’t want to leave!

Our camp format offers your child a new project theme and experience during each visit. Children also have the opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old friends while learning the new skills that our enriching environment offers.

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This past August we held our Kids Tech and Arts camp along with our High School Bootcamp. The Kids camp had children as young as 5 years old up till 11 years. During this week long camp the kids learned how to create games using Construct and Scratch in the morning, arts and crafts in the afternoon. The children were able to develop various individual projects that included, a virtual piano and ping pong game.

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The high school students, on the other hand, were introduced to python for the first time. It started off with most of the children feeling intimidated by code but by the second day, we watched them gain more confidence and get excited about coding. The high school students created interesting programmes using python ranging from grading sheets to calculators etc.


The camp wrapped up with a show and tell session on the last day where the children got to present their creations to their parents.

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Our next holiday’s camp that will be held on 14th – 18th November 2016. To reserve a spot  for your child follow this link .

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