Last week, we kicked off our April 2016 Kids Tech and Arts Camp with a bunch of eager students and volunteers. During the morning sessions, lead Trainer Sharon Wangari taught the students how to develop websites using HTML and CSS. She opted to go the “hardcore route”, by teaching them how to code on Sublime Text, a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

In the afternoon, lead Trainer Nyandia Kamawe would engage the students in a series of creative art challenges as illustrated below.


End product of this afternoon’s art session! 🙂 #TechArtsCamp


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We wrapped up the week’s activities with presentations to parents on the week’s learnings. Each student had developed five webpages and art pieces based on their favorite cartoons, superheroes and family members.

James built websites on his favorite super heroes using HTML/CSS #TechArtsCamp #presentations   A video posted by AkiraChix (@akirachixs) on

Every student received a certificate and t-shirt for their hard work and fun during the week.

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This week, we have a new set of students jumping into the hardware space. We’ll be teaching the Kids how to code with Arduino, and more interesting Art Projects that we can’t wait to share with you all the end of the week.

Week 2 of our Kids #TechArtsCamp has begun! This week we are learning how code with Arduino

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Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog for more details over the coming week.


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