Last year, we piloted a mentorship program with students from the AkiraChix Training program, pairing students with women from different fields in the tech industry. Some of the relationships built between students and their mentors have spanned beyond the lifetime of the training program.

We’re looking to build the same relationships again this year, by pairing mentors with current students of the AkiraChix training program(Class of 2015).

If you would be interested in being a mentor with AkiraChix, please fill out the form below:-

Successful participants will be notified and given next steps within the next two weeks.

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  1. […] We recently put out a call for applications for AkiraChix mentors, and have received an overwhelming response. With one more day left to apply, we thought it best to give a deeper explanation on what the aim of this mentorship program is, and the kind of individuals we are looking for. […]

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