As Akirachix,our aim is to inspire and develop a successful force of women. To achieve this, mentorship has been one of the key activities AkiraChix has undertaken. Over the past two years, the target of AkiraChix mentorship has been University students. That scope has now been widened to include high school students as well. The reasoning behind this is that, career paths are actually determined right before high school completion. If the aim is to increase the number of women taking up jobs in the IT industry, then the first step would be getting more women taking up Computer Science for their undergrad studies.

With this in mind, AkiraChix has embarked on an outreach program, piloting in Precious Blood High School(former home to AZMA founders) and Kenya High school.

Our first visit was to the Precious Blood high school’s computer club members on June 8th, 2012.






The girls were very excited to hear about the opportunities available for women in the tech industry, and also got to watch Sheryl Sandberg’s famous TED talk


The next visit to PB is scheduled for the 22nd of June 2012(this friday). The first Kenya High Visit will be on 28th June 2012.

We’re always happy to have our members actively participate in our activities. If you, or anybody you know may be interested in helping out with mentoring these budding minds, feel free to send an email to and we’ll plug you into the fun stuff :).