It has been a great one year and 3months. In September 2013, we began searching for girls who would join and benefit from the training program. As compared to the two previous classes, we managed to accommodate 30 girls most of whom were between the age of 19 – 24 yrs. The girls came from Kibera, Kabiria in Kawangware and Deepsea in Westlands.

October 2013, classes began; most of the girls had never used a computer before therefore the first 1-month was quite a rough one. From learning how to boot a machine, to typing and just getting comfortable with computers.

Fast forward to December 5th 2015, these girls are graduates and can now add a title to their names i.e. Graphic Designer, Web Design, Mobile Applications developer or Entrepreneur.

Apart from attaining a Diploma, the 26 graduates excelled, I can proudly say this was one of the most promising class and they did prove me right. In May this year, the students participated in a girl’s Hackathon organized by ACM-W in partnership with Akirachix. Participants were from the tech community including university students. We encouraged our girls to participate and their groups emerged winners and runners up.

It did not stop there, in October, a competition dubbed “INCYoubateIT” organized by Making All Voices Count; an Ushahidi led initiative was launched. The girls submitted their group projects based on their business plans and also other projects they were involved in during the year. There were 2 groups of students in the finalists list and On November 6th, the winning group was the girls who participated in the April Hackathon and the 2nd runners up was a class project.

This class has been exemplary and that is due to their hunger to learn, innovate and make it in life. By the time of their graduation, 5 of them had already secured internships in different organizations and one of them has a business running.

We are still working with the remaining girls to find placements for them, therefore if you or know of an organizations looking for interns specifically in graphic design, web design or mobile development, send an email to, with the requirements and we will match that up with the graduates.


Lots of thanks to the trainers for their tireless efforts to get these girls to where they are, the iHub for giving the girls the space to network, the tech community at the iHub for readily assisting the girls when they needed help, our motivational speakers, our mentors – you have all been a great asset to us.

Wishing the graduates all the best in the endeavors, the opportunities are endless and we are sure they will utilize them.


We are currently finishing up selection for the next class that starts in January 2015.




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  1. Agnes Masea March 13, 2015 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    I miss Akirachix… It was aplace to be for those 1 year 3 months,
    But i must say am one of the happiest graduates. Am now a proud alumini. Just to mention, all is going on well out here,wont hesitate to buy soda to any of our trainers if i met one today! You were awesome!!

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