A New Brand Identity For AkiraChix

(Guest post by Nyandia Kamawe, Ewamak Designs LTD and Graphic Design Trainer at AkiraChix)

Since its inception in 2010, AkiraChix has evolved immensely. In 2014 the AkiraChix team had a two day team building event where much regarding the direction for AkiraChix and its mission and vision were defined. It was during this process that it was decided that it was time to rebrand. AkiraChix needed a brand that clearly communicated its mission and vision as well as inject the personality that AkiraChix brings with its various programs and activities.

The word Akira means energetic and intelligent in Japanese and is represented by the haiku symbol . The new AkiraChix logo makes use of a deconstructed haiku as well as a circle to represent continuous energy flow and community.

Screenshot 2015-02-02 16.17.12

Our new logo!


AkiraChix worked closely with a Ewamak Designs LTD to create their new voice, image and website.

After various discussions and open talks regarding the direction of the AkiraChix brand, Ewamak Designs LTD took their beliefs, ethos and spirit and translated this into a stunning new company image and website for AkiraChix.

Vision: Nurturing generations of women who use tech to develop innovations and solutions for Africa.

Mission: Provide training, mentorship and outreach programs to increase the number of skilled women in technology and positively impact the community.

We at AkiraChix are pretty excited about this new journey, and are looking forward to seeing our brand grow even stronger over the next few years!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries/comments.


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