Nancy-Moraa-Akirachix-website-featured-imageBy Nancy Moraa (Class of 2016)

Each day at Akirachix is a learning experience filled with excitement and activity. Our days are filled with loads of assignments and if I could buy time, I definitely would be in line to purchase. Our days are intense!

Our classes usually start at 9 am from Monday to Saturday and we are usually in the classroom by 7.30am. Our class is a noise free zone, every minute the student are usually fully engaged in coding and the other various exercises. 

Did I mention how lucky we are to have such a modern class? It has all the facilities and amenities we need. It’s simply in a class of its’ own. AkiraChix for me is the kind of place that feels homely and happy…a second home to most of us.

Our class sessions are usually fun and interesting, and we get interact freely with each other and our trainers. Our trainers run the class sessions, and they are simply the best! They maintain individual relationships with the students, guide and help us achieve our goals. They are always willing to educate us, more so their enthusiasm and  sense of humour make us yearn for each and every class.Nancy-Moraa-Post-Pic

Lunch break starts at 12.00 till 1.00 clock. The meals are usually delicious. Lunch time creates an opportunity to recap and chat with our classmates. This class is full of bright ladies (future developers and designers) multi-talented ladies, with a good sense of humour. Spending time is inspiring and constantly restores hope.

By 1.30 pm we are usually back in class ready for the afternoon session which ends at 4pm after when we get time to do the assignments given till later in the evening.


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