A New Brand Identity For AkiraChix

(Guest post by Nyandia Kamawe, Ewamak Designs LTD and Graphic Design Trainer at AkiraChix)

Since its inception in 2010, AkiraChix has evolved immensely. In 2014 the AkiraChix team had a two day team building event where much […]

Join in on the hugest tech Celebration on March 7th 2015

The iHub has put together what is going to be the largest tech party in Kenya, on the 7th of March 2015,  at the Arboretum grounds. Here’s the basic agenda for the day.

2pm – 6pm […]

Recapping the Gender and Technology Pop-Up Institute in Berlin

(Guest Post by Yvonne Oluoch, #IncYOUbateIT competition winner,  founder of Socially Keen Individuals Redefining the Tech Space (SKIRTS) and AkiraChix Volunteer)

On 30th of November 2014, I left for Berlin to attend a Gender and Technology workshop […]

Akirachix Class of 2015 Intake

Happy New Year Friends!
We kicked off the year by welcoming the newest cohort of students to the fourth year of the AkiraChix training program earlier this week. We have 31 new students expected to graduate […]

Akirachix Graduation – Class of 2014


It has been a great one year and 3months. In September 2013, we began searching for girls who would join and benefit from the training program. As compared to the two previous classes, we managed […]

#IncYOUbateIT Competition: Including Women in Social Impact Technology

Together with Making All Voices count we held the IncYOUbateIt competition on November 7 that served to provide a platform through which women’s voices experiences and narratives are included in the conversation about social impact of technology. The […]

Inaugural AkiraChix Women’s Conference Recap!

We held our Inaugural Women’s conference on 1st November 2014 at Panari Sky Centre, with over 300 people in attendance, including a few men and students from Ngara Girls High school and Kenya High School.

We […]

AkiraChix Training Program 2015: Call for Applications

We’re just about to wrap up this year’s training program class of 2014. Its been an amazing year of discovery and learning for our students, and we’re eager to see them run out into the […]

AkiraChix Women’s Conference: Gearing up!

We’re just about 3 days away from our very first Women in Tech conference happening at Panari Sky Hotel, and are uber excited about it! We’ve got a solid program of activities planned out for […]

Ushahidi Partnership Days 2014: Day 1

We all have multiple identities. We are citizens of various countries, and residents of many others; lovers of certain cultures, and supporters of all others; experts in […]